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Refreshing your Space with Lighting: Sconces

Refreshing your Space with Lighting: Sconces

We are very excited about the most recent addition to the Pineapple Park sale’s floor: our sconce wall. In honor of this fabulous addition, this week’s blog post is going to handle all things sconce lighting. So, what exactly is a sconce? Well, a sconce is essentially a fancy term for a wall light. Sconces were adapted from iron brackets used to hold torches in a time before electricity. Sconces are extremely versatile and come in multiple different finishes, light options, styles, and shapes.

Sconce Finishes

There are many different types of metals and finishes for sconces. Let's look at some popular finishes: oil rubbed bronze, gold leaf, bras, and polished nickel.

Oil Rubbed Bronze: Oil rubbed bronze is a very dark finish that can range from deep chocolate brown to dark grey with copper undertones. This look is attained by using techniques to chemically darken the metal to stimulate an aged bronze look.

Gold Leaf: Gold leaf is a finish that uses thin layers of hammered gold to complete the sconce, surfacing the piece with a golden glow. Gold leaf creates a very rich and elegant finish, perfect for traditional or glam spaces.

Brass: Brass is a very classic metal and can create a variety of looks depending on the finish. The various brass looks include satin brass, antique brass, polished brass, weathered brass, burnished brass, and matte brass. Each brass finish creates a very different feel. Satin brass and matte brass have been very popular recently and give a modern take on a timeless metal.

Polished Nickel: Polished nickel is a finish consisting of brass with an overlaid polished nickel plating on top. Nickel is a warm silver tone that does not need to be coated because it doesn’t tarnish.


Where to Use a Sconce

Sconces are a great practical solution if you need to add lighting but have minimal space. Instead of table lamps on your nightstands, you should consider adding two sconces that flank either side of the bed to add an elegant touch. Sconces are also perfect for either side of a bathroom vanity mirror, adding both beauty and practicality. In dark hallways, too, sconces provide a much more aesthetically pleasing option than a standard flush mount dome light. We also love seeing sconces attached to architectural columns or flanking either side of a console to add more interest. Sconces are not limited to indoor lighting, either; they can provide a wonderful design element outside. They are great on the walls on either side of the garage or in a breezeway going from the garage to the main house.

There are so many different sconce options offered out there in the world of interior design. Whatever you’re looking for we can help you through the selection process. Come into the shoppe and see our fabulous selection of sconces we currently have in stock. If you don’t see something you’re looking for then we would love to help you find the perfect sconce for your space!

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