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The Bedroom: A Simple Guide to Bedroom Design

The Bedroom: A Simple Guide to Bedroom Design

Your bedroom is one of those spaces that is very personal and is for your own enjoyment more than anyone else's. Your bedroom is your own personal space and should be a place of relaxation where you can refresh and regenerate for the next day. This blog post will explore how you can make your bedroom serene and how to incorporate a simple design touch. 

Soft Colors

When clients begin the interior design process, they tend to put their bedroom on the back burner. For us, the bedroom is just as an important space as any other room in your house. Though not as many guests will see your bedroom, it is important to make it a place where you can retreat and rejuvenate after a busy day. With this being said, we love designing our client’s bedrooms in a soft color palette. We gravitate towards a soothing color such as natural choice or, if you’re willing to venture out into a touch of color, we recommend light greys, soft blues, or a light soothing green. We also recommend using a piece of art as your inspiration for your color-way, whatever that might be. 

Layering Your Bedding

We build the rest of the bedroom from these basics and from there select the bedding. In the entire house where “less is more,” in the bedroom, “more is more.” For a king sized bed there is nothing more important than layers (and the more the better). We love making king beds very soft and romantic aka the perfect place to get some beauty rest. For king beds, we recommend using either two or four king sized sleeping pillows, then three euro shams, two king shams, then your throw pillows. For a low profile king bed, we recommend using two to four king shams in front of your sleeping pillows. 

When it comes to the actual bedding, it all comes down to personal preference and whether you prefer sleeping under heavy or light bedding. Whether you prefer a quilt, coverlet, or duvet is all up to you! We love to put a coverlet over the entire bed then a quilt at the foot of the bed with an accent throw to finish off the look. When it comes to selecting pillow shams in the matching pattern to your coverlet, you want to break the pattern by layering in between a sham with a different color or pattern. This helps make the look cohesive without it looking matchy-matchy.

Types of Bedding 

Let's look at the different bedding options and their qualities:

Quilt: Quilts are a thicker bed covering composed of two or more layers of fabric stitched together with padding enclosed between these layers. 

Coverlet: A coverlet is typically a natural linen or cotton bed covering with a woven design stitching done with colored yarn. 

Duvet: A duvet is a soft quilt filled with down, feathers, wool, cotton, silk, or a synthetic alternative. 

King Sham: a king sham is a type of pillow sham with the dimensions of 36” x 20” 

Euro Sham: euro shams are another type of pillow sham with the dimensions of 26” x 26” 

When it comes to bedroom design, it is all about how you want to create your intimate space. We believe the bedroom is a sacred space where you can retreat and get that much needed time for yourself. We can help you select what that might mean for you from paint colors, to beds, to bedding and more. There is nothing we love more than helping our clients create a space where they can relax. Check out our bedding selection on our website or come into the shop and see much more in person. We can’t wait to help you make all your bedroom dreams come true!

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