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Picking the Perfect Tile

Picking the Perfect Tile

Hi everyone! It’s been a few weeks, and the Idea House is making tremendous progress. We have decided to switch things up this week, and we want to talk about tile! I will go through my process when selecting tile through the home and what my vision was for each space. 

It’s our mission to inspire you to achieve your ultimate home decor dream. I know that selecting tiles can feel overwhelming at times. So I am here to also give you advice on how to make this process both fun and seamless! 

I had the opportunity to visit one of my favorite tile showrooms, Traditions in Tile and Stone. During this session, I picked out tile for the following spaces: Porter and Hunter’s Bath, office coffee bar and bath, salon, guest bath suite, and master bath. Going into this session, I truly didn’t have specifics in mind besides the boy’s showers and the salon. I knew when I saw something that caught my eye I would go around the showstopper and create something magical! 

When it comes to tile, my first suggestion I would give you during the selection process is to consider the space you are going to be putting the tile in. Don’t be afraid to mix and match shapes because that truly adds interest and dimension! You will see below the variety of shapes and sizes I chose for each bathroom and shower. Something to also consider during the selection process is choosing a tile that inspires you and work around that. This advice can go for any type of design. If you find something you love then let that be the start of your inspiration!

Porter and Hunter   

When it comes to my sons' rooms, they both have trendy style, but they also like simple designs. With this in mind, I decided to go with modern, geometric patterns that will bring both of these styles together! 

With Porter’s style wanting to stay on the minimalist but also bold side, I decided on a rectangular, porcelain emerald green tile that will be soldier stacked across the shower. I was drawn to this tile because it has great texture and depth, and this ultimately will bring great dimension to the shower space. I decided to soldier stack to bring a mid-century modern feel into the bathroom. To keep the emerald green tile as the statement, I went with a matte black diamond-shaped flooring with black grout. The black grout will make the emerald tile pop! 

Next up, Hunter’s bathroom! I chose to go with a large, square geometric tile to line the shower wall. This tile was everything I wanted for this bath: simple, bold, and modern. To add more texture to the shower, I will line the shower floor with round, grey penny tile. The final finishing touch will be the same black grout from Porter’s room.



My mornings go a little like this- but first, coffee! I’m an avid coffee drinker so why not put a coffee bar in my office?

We decided to take out the linen closet, and we turned this space into a coffee bar. To jazz this up, we decided to add some elegant, fun tile. In the first photo below, the first tile I selected was the white tile with the flower detail. My eye was drawn to this tile first because of its unique and compelling texture. This tile will be used as the counter tile for the coffee bar. To add a variety of texture and make the space seem larger, we added the subway tile to line the wall. The white-painted brick tile is simple but adds so much depth. Sometimes, the most simple designs can have the most wow factor. 

The final area we added tile in the office is the bath. I decided to bring in the same white brick tile used in the coffee bar to the shower wall. Inside the shower, there will be an inset shelf that will have the paisley-type tile within the inside of the shelf. An extremely popular tile is the hexagon tile. I decided to go with a matte charcoal hexagon tile that will bring out the gray in the shelf tile.


When I walked into the showroom, I knew I wanted one thing for the salon, and that was anything with trees. I wanted anything with trees because this would match the wallpaper and window treatments we selected. If you missed our introduction to the Idea House blog that has our wallpaper selection you should go check it out! This tree tile was truly a gift from God because it goes perfectly with the space.

Guest Bath Suite 

The final space we are going to talk about is the guest bath suite. This one might be one of my favorites! When searching for this tile, I wanted something that had a mix of tones as well as uniqueness. I came to love the rectangular medallion tile because it had a mix of both gold and silver. I believe this combination is so timeless. That is also important when selecting a tile. Pick a tile that you are going to love forever not just temporarily. Ask yourself is this something I would love to see everyday in your home. I believe this tile spoke with my personality! I combined this tile with a simple white tile, and the flooring will be the same hexagon-shaped tile but in terracotta. I believe the combination of the fun tile and this hexagon tile will make all of that gold pop! 

Master Bath 

We will be sharing an exclusive on the master bath. Stay tuned! You don't want to miss this dreamy tile we picked out! 

As we close out for this week’s Idea House update, I hope that you were able to learn something about picking tile or even gaining inspiration for a future project. As always, thank you for following along on this journey with us! Next time, we will be showing a sneak peek at what is happening on the property! 

Ciao for now! 

Pacita & The Pineapple Park Team 

Builder: Jason Cole, Cole Construction | Architect: William T. Baker and Associate Landscape: Land Plus Associates | Interior Designer: Pacita Wilson, Pineapple ParkWallpaper: Thibaut Design, Cole & Son, Ralph Lauren Wallpaper | Paint: Sherwin Williams | Plumbing: Waterworks and Ferguson | Realtor: Berkshire Hathaway

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