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Top Design Trends of the Season

Top Design Trends of the Season

Over the past two years, we’ve seen the trend of light and airy home decor take over the interior design industry. While this look is extremely timeless, there is something about a moody space that excites me. To me, there is something unique and eye-catching about adding dark, eye-catching pieces into your space. Including dark pieces doesn’t have to be scary, if you follow a few easy tips! 

Step 1) Hello, Sunshine! 

When it comes to incorporating the dark, moody pieces into your home, it is important to first pick a space with natural sunlight; natural sunlight instantly helps brighten the room. To avoid any type of renovation to add more natural light in your home, you can add multiple light sources in the space. Any additional lighting such as floor lamps, table lamps, or sconces are a great way to incorporate more light into your room.

Step 2) Texture is Influential 

The next step is infusing multiple types of texture into your space. Textures influence the tone of a room. Mixing textures is an easy way to incorporate and blend different elements without detracting the eye. Mixtures of texture such as fur, leather, brass, and upholstery are a great way to add depth into your space. Velvet is one of our favorite fabrics that adds a beautiful richness and depth into moody spaces. When I speak about depth in your space, think of it as bringing dimension and personality into your space. 

Step 3) Color Contrast  

Now, here is the fun part! The color scheme is where you get to add a taste of you and your style into your space. One way to create a fun, moody room is contrasting colors. For example, if you do a dark navy or black painted wall add a light gray or white furniture piece to space to create a pop. For me, I like to add simple furniture pieces in my moody room, and then have fun with color contrasting accessories such as fun, color textured pillows. Pillows and throws are an easy way to add those pops of colors while making the look cohesive throughout the entire space. I recently used a rich rust color to bring that fun color contrast into the space of an open concept family room. Having those rusty tones warms the space while also accentuating the darker accents. Color contrasting in moody spaces gives a nice pop against the darker tones and brings your unique taste into the mix. 

Adding moody elements into a space may feel overwhelming at first, but with the help of these three tips it is a guaranteed way to create a dynamic look. 

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