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Cozy Up with One You Love Tips to Create a Dreamy Date Night at Home

Cozy Up with One You Love Tips to Create a Dreamy Date Night at Home

There's something magical and sweet about planning an evening at home with your honey! Here are some wonderful ideas for creating a warm, cozy ambiance. Soft lighting adds a mystical element to any space and mood. Turn the lights off and let the glow of flickering candles or a blazing fire to light up your room. From votives to pillar candles, use any size of candle around your room and on your table. My personal favorite is to burn a scented candle, as it brings back wonderful memories.

A perfect way to begin an cozy, at-home date night evening in is with a charcuterie board for two! Spice up it! Think chocolate covered strawberries, marinated mozzarella pearls, pepperocini or blue cheese stuffed olives for adding something unexpected. My timeless formula for a charcuterie board selection is first pick three of your favorite cheese varying flavors and textures: soft, sweet and pungent. Secondly, pair with a spicy black pepper salami and a proscuitto. Then, I love to layer one cracker type, one fruit, one veggie, something pickled and one salty delicacy! From roasted garlic hummus to peppered jelly, it's always lovely to feature your favorite spread. One of my go-to pairings is rasberry jelly with brie or goat cheese. A sweet & savory combinations adds an intriguing twist.

Sipping on a fireside cocktail or scrumptious hot chocolate with your favorite music playing creates a relazing and inviting setting. Two of my favorite signature cocktails are Irish Coffee and Bourbon Bash. And, always be ready for an impromptu, love-filled dance in the living room.

Preparing a delicious date night dinner brings couples together in a relaxed environment free of rushing and driving. You each can choose a surprise ingredient that the other has to use in a dish.  Make your evening even more memorable by adding a wine tasting! Look up the wine characteristics and try to identify the different flavors. You can also set up a bar area with a selection of spirits and glassware to complement your favorite vino-de-botella.

Let's talk about setting the table! A simple accessory such as two red roses atop of your china will add an air of romance to your table setting. There is nothing more heartwarming on a table setting than a framed picture of the two of you. On special nights in, Kenny and I love thinking of three conversation starter questions to ask one another. Laughter and tender moments are always guaranteed. Love is something we never want to stop discovering with our partner.

Dessert, definitely! Change the scenery by setting up dessert in a different room or area after your romantic dinner. Indulging on a sweet and decadent dessert is bound to ensnare the senses. To add softness and element of luxury, layer a plush throw and pillows on your sofa. Sitting together, surrounded by coziness, and enjoying each other’s company over an informal dinner, dessert and drinks can really create an intimate atmosphere. A tranquil date night-in might just be the answer you’re looking for. Now, dance the night away.
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