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Start the New Year Off Right, Freshly Organized!

Start the New Year Off Right, Freshly Organized!

It is always exciting to begin a new year full of hope. A new year means making resolutions and welcoming change. Follow these pro tips to get incredibly organized and start the year fresh.

The hardest part of organizing is getting started. Start small! Think realistically!

Pick a project like a clutter-filled kitchen drawer or coat closet that will take less than 30 minutes to organize. You will feel accomplished and motivated to continue! Keep track of all your completed projects! Rather than procrastinating over organizing the entire room, break the area up into smaller projects and get started! Reward yourself after three completed! You’ll find yourself moving from one small project to the next, until you’ve finished each area of your home!

The best way to create more space and add extra margin in your life is to declutter! Always keep a trash bag or box in your garage for items to donate! Ask yourself: do I need this in my life right now? Giving to charities like Goodwill helps the environment and creates jobs. Goodwill accepts everything from pencils to treadmills! Sort through all your curated items from extra bedding, musty towels, old cosmetics, expired paint, tools you never use, extra hangers to clothes you haven’t worn in a year.

All right, let's get organized! Give your closet a uniform look by purchasing inexpensive storage bins or baskets at the dollar store or a discount retailer. Each day, you will save time finding things and enjoy the feeling of cohesiveness.

The refrigerator is the heart of the kitchen. Having a well-organized refrigerator is both beautiful and efficient, and it usually saves you money as well! My refrigerator is organized into zones so I can keep track of drinks, food prep, produce, snacks, and condiments, allowing me to go in and out quickly. Invest in clear bins to organize items into their designated areas, which can also aid you in identifying when you are running out.

Organize your master closet from floor to ceiling! Label sturdy stackable bins for your top shelf to maximize closet space. I keep out-of-season and less frequently used items neatly stored in bins divided into categories such as handbags, sweaters, swimsuits, boots, and accessories.

The possibilities for creating more storage space in your home and making it an organized haven are endless. Pineapple Park offers complimentary in-home professional organization consultations if you would like to learn more!
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