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Accessories: Our Favorite Accessories and Tips

Accessories: Our Favorite Accessories and Tips

Accessorizing is one of the many fun parts of designing, where you can add some flare and personalization to your space. You can easily mix up your accessories with the seasons, trends, or simply when you get tired of the same old thing. In this week's blog post we are going to discuss our take on accessorizing as well as our favorite accessories in particular.

Accessorizing Tips and Tricks

Accessorizing doesn’t need to be anything more than it already is. You are trying to elevate and complement a room with smaller elements that won’t make the space feel too cluttered or distracted. Simplicity is key. We tend to avoid relying on too many small accessories, preferring to make a statement with fewer, larger accessories. In addition, you can use a variety of tone-on-tone accessories so you don’t get too tired of one loud piece. This doesn’t mean you can’t bring in a pop of color here and there, but it’s best to keep it limited. Another important element of accessorizing is a focus on odd number groupings. We often group three items together, or place two accessories together on one side mirrored by an opposite group of three. Odd numbers make your accessories look more natural and flow much better in any space. 

Our Favorite Accessories


Candles are one of our favorite accessories for both the ambiance and scent. They can make a great addition to your built-ins, coffee tables, kitchen counters, and so much more. We love layering candle sticks with other accessories to add height in an understated way. Some of our favorite candles are our battery-operated candles. These can be set on a timer or controlled remotely. They are great for candle sticks, hurricanes, or in a dough bowl with beans. The Pineapple Park Signature candles are, of course, my favorite scented candle and come in both a mercury glass and a frosted glass. The scent is clean and masculine without being too overpowering. We also offer our signature scent in a diffuser, which is perfect for a guest or powder bath.



Risers are one of our favorite accessory tricks. You can use risers underneath your pottery or lamps to add extra height and some visual interest. We love using a small wooden slab riser when accessorizing bookshelves or built-ins to add in some variation while mirroring our accessories. It gives you variation when accessorizing without completely detracting your eye. Some of our favorite risers are cut wooden slabs that bring in those natural tones. Books can also be used as a riser on your coffee table, bookshelves, or built-in shelves.     



Beans are one of our best kept accessorizing tricks. We love using dried beans for filler in hurricanes, dough bowls, or glass containers. They add great texture while also adding a contrasting layer between surfaces. We also love the natural texture and color beans provide when accessorizing, not to mention that they’re inexpensive and easily changeable.



Beads are great for layering on top of books or wrapped around pottery and are great for adding that texture as well as softening your ceramics. Soft layering brings in more dimension into your space without making it look too overly cluttered with accessories. Beads bring in that natural element as well, giving you varying textures and warm, natural colors.

Accessorizing is a great way to stimulate your creative eye and play around with your design style. You should be adventurous and try different accessories by mixing metals, styles, and sizes. Accessorizing is your way of putting those last finishing touches into your space by adding in your personalized style. We have a large variety of accessories both in the shoppe and online. Click here to browse our online accessories!  

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