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Home Interior Design Ideas: Before and After

Home Interior Design Ideas: Before and After

There is nothing more satisfying than completing a successful install for our clients. We love seeing the transformation of the space from start to finish. Interior design combines so many different elements and, when done successfully, perfectly integrates all these elements cohesively. This blog post will explore the before and afters within this clients’ space and how interior design can completely transform spaces.

Our Design Goal

When designing a client’s space, I always attempt to marry the client’s goals with my design eye. This means I’m always looking for ways to make better use of the floor plan and how this space could be used both practically and beautifully. This particular client had a lot of darker tones and pieces that did not necessarily compliment the space. I aimed to lighten their space and allow for a fresh and airy feel by selecting neutrals and lighter wood tones along with fun pops of color for the master bedroom.

Kitchen Nook

This kitchen nook is nestled right in the trees with beautiful natural lighting. I re-stained the hardwood floors with a lighter stain and repainted the trim and walls in a rich white paint. This change in hardwood floor stain and paint colors completely lightens the space, making it warmer and inviting. I also selected a long blonde wood console to replace the taller dark wood piece. This complements those lighter tones and continues to lighten the space. I kept the owners’ pendant lighting over their table, but switched out two of their dining chairs for two less bulky dining chairs. This allows for more space around the table and opens the room. 

Master Bedroom

For the Master Bedroom, I repainted the trim with a white paint and painted the walls a light natural color. I used the same white paint for the fireplace surround and added two beautiful black urns with bronze accents at the base of the fireplace. For their focal wall, I used a neutral palette wallpaper with taupe, grey, and creamy white vertical stripes. I echoed this palette within their window treatments, bringing those neutral warm tones across the room. 

For their sitting area, I selected two swivel chairs with a fun textured fabric and an understated elegant black floor lamp. Floor lamps are a great way to bring height and softer lighting into your space. I selected a sleek gold marble top side table instead of a coffee table to better fit this tighter space. 

The bed has a dark grey upholstered headboard with wood details. The bedding has a combination of creams and greys with a hunter green velvet quilt that brings in that pop of color. I love adding in fun accent pillows, such as the grey pom-pom pillows and cream mongolian fur pillows to bring down those greys and neutrals from the wallpaper and window treatments. Accent pillows are an easy way to bring together your color palette and add that finishing touch to your space. 


Benefits of Hiring a Professional Designer

Redesigning your home can be extremely overwhelming and can feel like a snowball of decisions from paint colors, tile, flooring, hardware, light fixtures, window treatments, upholstery, wallpaper, furniture and so much more. These decisions can be even more overwhelming when you’re unsure how to make your look cohesive throughout your home, giving that impact that everyone desires. This is why hiring a professional interior designer lifts that weight off your shoulders. Professional designers have that know-how and experience on how to drive you in the right design direction. This makes decision making so much easier when you don’t have to know how far from the ceiling your light fixture needs to be from your dining room table or how big your rug should be for a 12’ x 10’ room. Professional designers provide that much needed knowledge and saves the client from the burden of worry and regret. Clients then can then really enjoy the design experience and have fun with the process.  

Interior design has an amazing ability to completely revamp your space, whether it be your dining room, living area, or master bedroom. We would love to help you with making your design dreams come true. Myself and my team will be happy to assist you with everything from single or multiple rooms, full home, or renovation and new build. Feel free to come into the shoppe, call, or make an appointment

Stay tuned with our most recent installs and all things interior design by following us on Instagram @pineapple_park 

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